Pursuing diversity

No age or income restrictions

This scholarship is open to people who want to contribute to solving social issues and wish to grow by studying abroad. There are no restrictions on age, family income, or field of study, nor are any obligations placed on scholars post-graduation. This merit-based scholarship is not a loan and does not need to be paid back.

Information sessions held all across Japan

We will continue to visit high schools and conduct information sessions not only in Tokyo and other major cities, but also in rural areas.
During the 2022 application period, we were able to meet many high school students from rural areas. These students possessed strong wills and unique ideas, and are looking to make great strides by studying abroad. We greatly anticipate what their future holds. There were also many high school students from major cities who have been working hard to find their future paths amidst the circumstances in which they were placed. The Sasakawa Peace Foundation sees you; we want to help you take on new challenges with free thinking and unconventional solutions.

Scholarships for forward-thinkers

Emphasis on potential and ambition

This scholarship emphasizes not only the excellent education you will receive while studying abroad, but also your potential to grow through the friendships and experience you acquire during that time. To this end, we encourage students to live on campus housings as much as possible during their study abroad. In both the U.S. and U.K., students often move away from their parents to live on campus housings with people their own age. We want Japanese students to have that same experience. This is one reason why the scholarship is meant for students who want to start studying abroad from their first year of university.

A community that supports future endeavors

SPF’s ultimate goal is to form a community that will serve as a foundation for university graduates who receive this scholarship to pursue their own careers and encourage their future success. However, no matter how outstanding a person may be, there is a limit to what one person can accomplish by themselves. The community will serve as a base for future collaboration, information sharing, and ultimately cooperation, which will be a great source of power for moving society forward.
To help scholarship students communicate with each other, we provide pre-study training as well as networking opportunities during their time abroad, which we hope will connect them to a solid community in the future.

Support from people who have studied abroad

SPF has many staff members who have studied abroad. One of our strengths is that we can use our experience to explain things that are difficult to understand without having lived abroad, including the selection process for overseas universities and how to prepare.

Thinking independently and taking action

When applying to overseas universities, it is necessary to shift your mindset from the Japanese way of thinking, which emphasizes standard deviation scores (hensachi) and mock examinations. Instead of basing your choice of university on these things, you should confirm that the university has a course you want to study, then you focus on whether or not its characteristics, values, and atmosphere are right for you. Therefore, knowing yourself well is necessary to make this decision.
It is also for this reason that we believe it is important for you to contact the university admissions office yourself and obtain the necessary information as the first step to studying abroad.

Consultation service

The scholarship program has set up a dedicated email address for your inquiries. If you have any questions, please send a message to this address.
From time to time, people will ask “What should I do?” To answer this, we will provide them with as much and as accurate information as possible on the topic they have asked about to assist them in making their final decision themselves.