• Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

Sasakawa Peace Foundation Scholarship
FY2022 Application Guidelines (Summary)

Ideal candidate profile

(1)People who possess the following qualities(ideas/behaviors) as a future global leader

  • Be interested in various issues involving modern society and possess a desire to contribute to society through problem-solving
  • Willingness to learn and acquire knowledge from a wide range of perspectives through study abroad
  • An attitude to act with an understanding of diversity by immersing oneself in different cultures
  • Willingness to actively engage and cooperate with people with different languages and ways of thinking
(2) Have the self-awareness and autonomy to behave in a disciplined manner appropriate for a recipient of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation Scholarship
(3)Participate actively in the pre- and post-training programs and the various activities conducted under this program

Eligible recipients

  • Obtain admission to a university or college in the U.S. or the U.K. selected by SPF (including those who have been admitted to the Foundation Course designated by the university in the U.K.) and who intend to enroll in the first academic year of the program in the fall of 2023.
    Click here for the selected universities and colleges(Attachment 1)
    *Admission can be obtained after you have been selected for this program.
  • Have agreed to receive the scholarship for four years in the U.S. and three years in the U.K.
  • Be a Japanese national.
  • There are no age or income restrictions
  • Must be scheduled to graduate or have already graduated from high school or an equivalent educational institution by the end of June 2023
  • There are no restrictions on the field of study
  • Must not receive other scholarships (total amount of 1 million yen or more) in Japan. However, in addition to this scholarship, applicants may receive loan-based scholarships in Japan or abroad, scholarship offered overseas, and non-scholarship grants (research grants, start-up funds, one-time government grants, etc.) in addition to the scholarship.
  • Minors must have their application to study abroad reviewed and approved by their parents or guardians about their intention to go abroad if they are considered to be under age at the time of the application

Monetary Assistance details

Actual expenses for fees of tuition and dormitory (including meals), health insurance, and round-trip transportation expenses (one round-trip only)
Fixed amount: Annual Support fee for living expenses, etc. (USD 15,000 in the U.S. and GBP 11,000 in the U.K.)
*The maximum amount of actual expenses is USD 80,000/year in the U.S. and GBP 54,000/year in the U.K

Scholarship period

U.S. universities and colleges: four years until graduation
U.K. universities and colleges: three years or one year of Foundation Course and three years of university or college, for a total of four years

  • In principle, the applicants must graduate within five years from the year of enrollment
  • This scholarship will not cover any period exceeding the period specified above or leave of absence from school.
  • In any case, please consult with us as soon as possible.

Procedures before departing for study abroad

  • Participation in pre-departure training
  • Submission of scholarship registration documents, grant application documents, etc. 
  • Submission of documents related to various procedures during study abroad

Scholarship cancellations

SPF reserves the right to cancel a scholarship if any of the following circumstances are found to apply after a scholarship has been awarded.

  • If it is found that the applicant does not meet the qualifications and conditions of the scholarship
  • If false information is found in the application details, etc.
  • If the applicant does not agree to SPF’s rules and regulations regarding study abroad and scholarships
  • If the applicant fails to submit the documents specified in the Scholarship Guide provided by SPF.
  • If any false information is found in the documents stated in any of the above four items

Considerations for the people with disabilities

If you have a physical or other disability that requires consideration for attending an interview, consideration will be given according to the type and degree of the disability. If you wish to apply for assistance in attending the interview, please contact SPF and confirm the application procedures.

Examination details/schedule/application process

Please refer to the Apply page for details.

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